How’s this possible…that the best diaper bag for dads is at Nordstrom?

Y’all – growing up, or even just a couple years ago, I never envisioned myself as a fashion designer

I love being an entrepreneur, I love being a problem-solver, and I love dipping my toes into the fashion world. I had few aspirations or expectations for this journey and…

Scratch that.

I’ve had so many aspirations and expectations they teeter on full delusion.

But I never was deluded enough to think I would be in a major department store.

Actually…scratch that, too.

Yes, I did.

But I didn’t want to sound delusional and certainly didn’t want to jinx myself…because jinxing is obviously a thing.

Barneys was a great way to come out of the gates. RIP, scion of the Upper East Side and love of Carrie Bradshaw.

So…I’m thrilled to write:  E.C.Knox is now available at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom – that pinnacle of taste rooted in a stellar shoe collection heralding from the Emerald City (Seattle) and has the best coffee bar. (Seriously – have you ever been to their coffee bar? It puts all other bougie coffee to shame.) They’re now selling what I like to call in an SEO-rific way: the best and/or coolest diaper bag for dads.

I was introduced to Nordstrom years ago when I worked in politics for US Senator Maria Cantwell in Seattle. Oh, didn’t you know I was in politics before designing and theatre and all the things? (Most of my actor friends mock me relentlessly for mentioning this ad nauseum.) Nordstrom was a destination frequently as I worked in Seattle for anything from last-minute wardrobe changes on-the-fly for the candidate and my 25th birthday present from my mom – a watch we picked out together. (I felt so grown-up with that big purchase. Mind you – it was a Michael Kors, not a Rolex.)

And they have big Black Friday sales, this year. So, like…get the best diaper bag for dads on and get your reward points.

And of course ECKnox is totes useable as a messenger bag, work briefcase or mountaineering backpack for all your friends!