Hey, folks! The best diaper bag for dads gets more attention as “worth the splurge”.

“Worth the Splurge?” – when you combine quality and style, form and function? Yeah. We’ll take it. 馃檪

We’re thrilled to have been included in a baby gift guide round-up with the illustrious website, HerMoney. The site is a treasure trove of advice and guidance for every aspect of your personal finances from a Wall Street tycoon to someone who can鈥檛 (or won鈥檛) balance a checkbook (present company.)

It鈥檚 HerMoney and technically is a digital media company focused on improving the relationships women have with money. But I, for one, have learned a lot with articles shared.

And obviously they have spectacular taste in gift giving and items worth the splurge. (Though – when combining form, function, and quality, our price point is right on the nose.) So, yeah – Her Money knows a deal when they see it. (And it’s available at Nordstrom…did we happen to mention?)

Thanks, HerMoney – you know about value, and long-term investment. So do we. The E.C.Knox bag is meant to last even beyond the diapering days. You can permanently remove the liner, erase the diapering phase, and carry that snazzy bag with you for years to come. (I know I do. I鈥檓 still carrying around a prototype!)

Thanks, HerMoney & Lindsay, for the shout out.