If you’ve been reading the ECKnox Startup Stories (and who hasn’t?), you might wonder why I skipped a lot to announce chapter 16: getting in with goop. I know I left off with walking out of my meeting with Barneys. Back then, I was elated to have been accepted and exhausted at the idea that I needed to drop the price in half. But now I’m going to skip past a huge amount of time navel-gazing to skip to a good part.

Y’all – ECKnox is featured in the goop Holiday Gift Guide for Men!

Getting in with goop?

I know. I can’t believe it either.

So dads-to-be, moms-to-be and grandparents-to-be, heed the choice of Gwyneth! It’s not just candles and eggs, it’s also t-shirts and socks and fabulously impractical gear like this and this and this.

But the ECKnox diaper bag is one of the gifts that lasts for years (even after diapering days are over) AND is a lower-priced gift on the site.

E.C.Knox has always been a passion project stemming from my desire for a slick, masculine diaper bag when I expected my first kid. I’ve fumbled with a few mistakes a few times and definitely sunk more of my own money than financially prudent. I helicoptered this baby in protective and defensive ways.

I’ve gotten some amazing windfalls leading up to (getting in with goop) with marketing badassedness – Martha Stewart, the (formerly-known-as) Royals Meghan Markle & Prince William, and plenty of stylish influencers and amazing friends.

While I’m constantly thinking “when will this really take off?” I realize overnight sensations are few and far between. And even then, the adage that it takes ten years to be an overnight sensation is most likely the formula.

But I always am reminded that I’m growing the company organically and single handedly (with help from very creative friends.) I’ve invested (but hopefully not wasted) lots of money while I’ve grown steadily and consistently without over-promising or over-reaching.

I’m able to say that while I’m not always where I want to be, I am where I need to be.

So I’ll stick with it. And with wins like getting in with goop – I guess I’ll keep on keep on keeping on.

E.C.Knox shopping page on goop
E.C.Knox shopping page on goop