Alright, folks. A new section I’ll call “Coping in Style Cues”…my formula for how I keep my head above water and lessons I hope to instill in my sons. What gives me the right to dole advice? Eh. It’s my blog.

For starters:

  1. It’s not a “conversation” if you don’t ask about the other person.
  2. Texting is not an appropriate way to apologize to a person or cancel an appointment. Call. (And then send a follow-up text.) The other person probably won’t even answer, anyway. The other person (and your reputation) is worth the effort.
  3. Eye contact and a smile (however insincere) go a long way. (Dedicated to the service industry of New York City.)
  4. You can never over-thank or over-apologize. (Well, sorry. You can, but that would have to be a seriously excessive amount. But even over-thanking or over-apologizing shows you appreciate the person you’re thanking or to whom you’re apologizing. Sorry about that. Thanks for bearing with me.)
  5. Pedestrian traffic is the same as car traffic. Don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk when it’s crowded, don’t stop at the top of a flight of busy stairs to check your phone, and pull over on the sidewalk to finish that text. Be aware of your surroundings and help the rest of us keep flowing.
  6. You owe it to yourself to know basic news. At the very least, check out NPR’s 5-minute news updates at least once a day.
  7. Don’t watch 24-hour news. They’re just scaring you.

But help me out, y’all…what have I forgotten? What would you add?