Welcome to E.C.Knox, baby gear for stylish dads.

We make bags inspiring the best in dads.

Gavin Lodge (Broadway actor and stylish dad) wanted a slick, masculine diaper bag when he was expecting his first child. 

He questioned why there were no diaper bags for stylish dads on the market…a cool bag for dads whose style is sophisticated and professional. The only daddy diaper bags he could find were quilted and pink (totally understandable given the mommy-centric orientation of the market) or overcompensatingly masculine or schlumpy. These bags all seemed to say either “My wife told me I have to carry this stupid diaper bag” or “Don’t you dare think becoming a dad has emasculated me.”

But Gavin couldn’t stop searching for the bag that stated: “I’m proud to be a new dad and I haven’t lost my sense of style.”

I’m proud to be a new dad and I haven’t lost my sense of style. 

So even though his resume said “actor, writer, political organizer and PTA president,” and Gavin had zero experience in business or fashion, he figured “other people have figured this out. I’m going to, also.”

Through networking and researching and taking meetings on playgrounds and coffee shops during brief stints of babysitting (because daddy-preneurs have to double-task), he came up with a design for the best and coolest daddy diaper bag for dads, a brand ethos, and a vision for a company that would empower fathers to be the best dads they could be.