Welcoming a baby into the family is easily one of the brightest memories of our lives. But adjusting to life with a newborn baby can be quite the test. The most thoughtful thing one can do for new parents around them is to send useful gifts that make their days slightly easier. Explore these 10 perfect New Dad Gifts.

When you pick gifts for new dads, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. Don’t stick to buying gifts just for the baby; get something sweet for the parents too. 

The chances are that they already received numerous baby shower gifts. If possible, try to find out what they have already received so that they don’t end up with the same item twice. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 10 gift ideas that new parents are sure to appreciate.

  1. Baby Food Maker

You will find multifunctional baby food makers equipped with blending, grinding, steam cooking, and reheating options. This will make it easy for parents to prepare nutritious baby food in a jiffy. It will also free up some time from their busy schedule.

New Dad Diaper Bag

You can get a custom diaper bag that helps carry baby essentials in an organized manner. The best diaper bag for dads is the kind that looks like a sleek backpack and has enough space to fit their phone or wallet. Go for a removable liner diaper bag as they are easier to clean.

Pretty Moccasins

For a baby’s feet to develop well, doctors believe that keeping them barefoot is the best option. Moccasins are super soft and cover the feet without restricting them in any way. They will never be out of demand for new parents, so feel free to grab more than one pair if you find some adorable prints.

Baby Sling Carrier

Supply runs can be quite frequent with a baby in the house. Carrying the baby while managing wallets, keys, and grocery bags is not at all an easy feat. Sling-style baby carriers are popular because they are comfortable for the baby and allow parents to keep their hands free. Rest assured that this is a gift that they will be using a lot! 

Suction Food Bowl

Toddlers love playing with food and often knock down bowls. Frequent cleaning can be avoided with suction food bowls that attach tightly to the feeding surface. Parents can catch a breath during feeding time without having to worry about excessive spills.

Sterilizer and Dryer

You could go for a baby essentials sterilizing device. Most advanced models will also have a dryer. Parents can pop in feeding bottles, pacifiers, bowls, and spoons for sterilization, and they will come out all clean and dry. It will take a huge load off their shoulders.

Personal Care Items

Personal care takes a backseat for most new parents. This gift will remind them how important it is to take care of themselves. Hydrating hand lotions to soothe the hands that are getting washed so often and nipple cream for breastfeeding moms can be good options. Bath salts and aromatherapy kits can also be welcome gifts that will help them shed some stress. If you are not sure what products they would like, you could play safe and book them a spa session. 

Babysitting Service Gift Card

The gift that parents need the most is some quality time to themselves. A generous gift card for a reliable babysitting service will give them a good opportunity to relax and spend the day however they wish.

Meal Kit Delivery Subscription

It’s difficult for new parents to find the time or energy to cook a delicious and healthy meal. Sign them up for a meal kit delivery service that prepares and sends ingredients for a full meal with simplified instructions. This will make sure the parents don’t have to skip meals or resort to unhealthy instant food.

Guided Baby Journal

Taking some time out to write about memorable moments of the baby’s life can teach parents to appreciate life’s simplest gifts. When the child grows up, they will cherish such a detailed document of their childhood.

By now you must have a fair idea about the kind of gifts you should start looking for. And don’t worry, these items make for some of the best baby shower gifts as well! Of course, everyone has different ways of handling parenthood and what counts as an ideal gift depends on individual preferences. So you have to put some thought before making the final call.

Whichever option you choose to go with, there’s always one bonus gift you can add: your time. Offer to help them with chores, babysit, cook them something, or simply check in from time to time. That’s what they will truly remember over the years.