10 Clever Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Prepare Gay Parents

So, the adorable LGBTQ couple in your circle has decided to experience parenthood! As exciting as the news is, you must already be wondering what to get them for the baby shower. Sadly, most gift options are still heteronormative. But if you look hard enough, you will definitely find something that they will appreciate. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with some practical baby shower gift ideas.

Impressive New Dad Diaper Bag

Stylish diaper bags are a hit with parents all over the spectrum. They are gender-neutral and immensely useful. A custom diaper bag will keep the little one’s diapers, toys, bottles, pacifiers, and clothes organized during a day out. A removable liner diaper bag is also easy to maintain. It looks just like an ordinary backpack, and the parents can also put their keys and wallets in there for a truly hands-free tour.

Books Featuring LGBTQ Parents

Skip the usual fairy tales and children’s books. Pick a few popular titles from literary works that feature LGBTQ parents. After all, all children like to see a reflection of their real life in stories. ‘In Our Mothers’ House’ by Patricia Polacco, ‘And Tango Makes Three’ by Justin Richardson & Peter Parnell, ‘Prince & Knight’ by Daniel Haack, and ‘Stella Brings the Family’ by Miriam B. Schiffer are some of the top choices.

Onesies With Inclusive Messages

Onesies with cute messages make a classic baby shower gift, and they will never go out of style. However, be mindful of the messages while you pick. Some of them might be aimed at straight couples. It’s a relief that more brands are releasing baby clothes specifically designed for gifting at gay dad baby shower, trans mom baby shower, trans dad baby shower, or lesbian mom baby shower.

Guided Baby Journals

LGBTQ couples bringing up children is still quite a new phenomenon. That’s why documenting beautiful childhood moments is even more important so that their story can be shared with everyone. Guided baby journals can keep precious little moments recorded forever.

Diaper Genie

All those used diapers have to go somewhere, right? Stashing them in normal trash cans is a no-no since they will release odor eventually. Diaper genie holds all the used diapers and locks in the odors, keeping the house hygienic until you have time to dispose of the diapers.

Subscription to Essential Services

What new parents need the most is more hours in the day. Gifting them a subscription to babysitting services, house cleaning services, or meal kit delivery services can be a welcome gift. It will give them more time to adjust to life with a baby.

De-stress Hampers

Irrespective of gender and orientation, all parents are stressed and possibly sleep-deprived. A de-stress hamper filled with goodies like hand lotions, shower gels, bath bombs, and face masks will encourage them to take some time out to relax and take care of themselves.

Fuss-Free Feeding Tools

Some of the best baby shower gifts are those that make parenting easier. Think baby food makers, suction food bowls, and sterilizing units for an efficient and no-mess feeding routine. This is especially useful for gay dad baby shower as they will be relying on alternate feeding options.

Rainbow Toys That Say Pride

There’s nothing sweeter than your baby celebrating your love. Rainbow toys for the tiny new family member will also bring a smile to the faces of LGBTQ parents. Luckily, children’s toys are colorful by nature, so it won’t take much effort to curate VIBGYOR baby shower gifts.

Baby Carrier

The stork has dropped the baby, but now it’s up to the parents to carry them around. Sturdy and adjustable baby carriers are useful to all parents. Look out for the latest, most comfortable models. Sling carriers are quite popular at the moment.

While there are some ideas in this list that are meant to amuse LGBTQ parents only, you will notice that most of them are universal parenting gadgets. Because at the end of the day, all parents go through identical problems and have similar experiences. 

All new parents are looking for ways to take care of their tiny tot in the best way possible while getting enough rest themselves. As a friend or family member, your responsibility doesn’t end with picking out an amazing gift. You could always devote your time to helping them manage their new responsibilities. That’s the most fool-proof gift ever!